About InnerCure Technologies™, Inc.

InnerCure Technologies™ (InnerCure) is headquartered in Orlando, Florida and is a provider of innovative solutions to the pipeline rehabilitation industry. OUR TEAM has extensive experience in the rehabilitation of sanitary, storm water and potable water infrastructure. Evidence of this experience is the multiple patents that InnerCure holds. We are not your typical lining supplier. Through a network of trained and certified installers, InnerCure Technologies™ distributes and supports a product line intended to solve today's defective utility infrastructure. InnerCure Technologies™ is your trusted advisor and long-term solutions provider for all your infrastructure needs.

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Benefits of Doing Business With InnerCure Technolgies™, Inc.

  • Highly Experienced Advisors/Installers

  • Latest Technology (Products and Equipment)

  • Patented Applications and Products

  • Competitive Pricing

  • Responsive

  • Guaranteed Products