Residential Non-VOC Lateral Lining

Cured In Place Pipe Using Quality Resin Systems

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Would You Like To Avoid This?

Have you had frequent back-ups happening in your home?  What about very strong odors?  The smell is very distinct, however you really can't pinpoint exactly what it is?

Perhaps you are walking on your lawn one day and you step into a soft spot in your grass.

You decide to investigate the source, and eventually discover that it's coming from your deteriorating or broken pipeline.

This happens multiple times a day throughout the world.

Excavated Pipes to be Replaced with Residential Non-VOC Lateral Lining
Image of the Inside of a Non-VOC Lateral Lining Resin

Non-VOC Lateral Lining Is Your Answer

Using a non-VOC resin means no styrene.  After you have done your research, you find that you want to have a Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) liner utilizing a non-VOC resin.  InnerCure® offers multiple non-VOC products.

By using a non-VOC CIPP liner, you are also ensuring a stronger and more durable liner.  Please consult with one of our Technical Advisors to find out more about non-VOC pipe lining.

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More Durable - Longer-Lasting

  • Less Harmful to the Environment

  • Curing With the Latest Technology

  • Less Restoration vs. Excavation

  • Less Public Disruption

  • Long-Lasting and Proven Pipeline Rehabiltation

  • Trained Technicians

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InnerCure® Technologies, Inc. Provides Protection

InnerCure® Technologies, Inc. assists homeowners and property owners with their non-VOC Lateral Lining.  Our experienced team of professionals will consult with you about finding the best solution, and connect you with an InnerCure® Installer in your area.

Get Expert Project Advice

Damaged Pipe for Non-VOC Lateral Lining Replacement

Please provide your information via this online form and an advisor will contact you regarding best options based on the specific needs of your project.  If you should need more urgent service, please don't hesitate to call us at (844) 748-5200.

Become a Certified Installer

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Please complete this online form to receive additional information on how to become an installer in your area.  We offer training, materials and equipment to our installation partners in order to ensure the highest degree of success.