Municipal Pipe Lining

Repairing Municipal Pipelines Requires Good Technology And Well Trained Crews

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Lateral Connections

Leak Tight Municipal Pipe Lining Lateral Connections

Are you in need of a leak tight structural connection at the mainline?  Before or After lining?  Our patented lateral connection system gives you options for addressing the connection.

UV Cure Pipe Lining

UV Cold Cure Pipe Lining System

Perhaps you are looking for a UV Cold Cure system?  If you are lining from the mainline or lining from the property, InnerCure® has you covered. 

Non-VOC Pipe Lining

Chemical Resistant Non-VOC Municipal Pipe Lining

Non-VOC resin systems are used for high heat and chemical resistance applications.  We carry high strength, high temperature, and high chemical resistance products.

Spot Repair Systems

UV Cure Spot Repair for Municipal Pipe Lining

InnerCure® offers many options when it comes to spot repairs - UV Cure, ambient and heat cure systems with all the application equipment.  Please click here to find out more...   

Epoxy Pipe Lining

Epoxy Municipal Pipe Lining Resin System for Laterals

InnerCure® has many options when it comes to different resin systems for laterals and mainlines.  Give us a call to find out more.

Sewer Pipe Lining

Newly Replaced Municipal Sewer Pipe Lining

Do you have damaged sewer lines and need to figure out a way to replace them? Read more information here.

Point Repairs

Defective Elbow In Need of Municipal Pipe Lining Point Repair

Do you have a specific location in a fitting or an elbow that is defective? InnerCure® can give you options on how to address these locations.

What is Happening Below Your Streets and Easements?

If you're a manager or utility owner, you probably already know that utility pipelines play a vital role in keeping your community thriving.  But, what happens if you have failing or leaking pipelines, or even worse, are experiencing a Sewer System Overflow (SSO) or Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO)?  Your community must address failing infrastructure to keep it thriving.  Emergency responses or unwanted excavations can cause the public to be disrupted.   While this topic is on your mind, it's best to find a partner who can ensure that pipelines are rehabilitated with the most advanced materials and technology. InnerCure® would like to become your trusted advisor when it comes to pipeline rehabilitation.

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Municipal Pipeline Rehabilitation

When a municipal pipeline fails, there can be multiple repercussions such as failed adjoined infrastructure which can damage streets and highways as a result.  Furthermore, treatment costs can increase due to extraneous water entering the wastewater system.

Luckily, InnerCure® Technologies, Inc. provides superior municipal pipe lining materials and equipment throughout North America.  Working with our trained installation partners, InnerCure® offers the latest technology at a reasonable price point.  We offer everything from lateral connections, lateral lining, sewer pipe lining, point repair materials and equipment and much more.  If you're interested in any of our municipal pipe lining materials or equipment, please give us a call at (844) 748-5200.

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Rolled In Municipal Pipe Lining

Please provide your information via this online form and an advisor will contact you regarding best options based on the specific needs of your project.  If you should need more urgent service, please don't hesitate to call us at (844) 748-5200.

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Please complete this online form to receive additional information on how to become an installer in your area.  We offer training, materials and equipment to our installation partners in order to ensure the highest degree of success.