Residential Pipe Lining

Fixing Pipe, Sewage and Water Issues Throughout Your Residential Area

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Lateral Lining Connections

Lateral Lining Connection on a Residential Pipe

Are you in need of new pipes but don't want to dig them up to replace them?  You might be interested in lateral lining. 

UV CIPP Lining

Photo of a UV CIPP Residential Pipe Lining System

Are your pipes getting up there in age?  It may be time to consider UV CIPP Lining.

Non-VOC Lateral Lining

Image of a Residential Non-VOC Lateral Lining Resin

What is a VOC and how do they affect your industry?  Read more about it here.

Spot Repairs

Residential Sewage Pipe Needing Spot Repairs

Have you noticed a small damaged area on your sewage pipes?  You may be interested in Spot Repairs. 

Sewer Pipe Lining

Inside Image of a Residential Sewer Pipe Lining

Do you have damaged sewer lines and need to figure out a way to replace them? Read more information here.

Epoxy Pipe Lining

Inside Image of a Residential Epoxy Pipe Lining

Searching for an alternative method to replacing your pipes?  Epoxy is a common method.

What Could Go Wrong With My Pipes?

Whether you are a current homeowner, just became one or are looking at a property to purchase, it might be time to ask a good question.  When was the last time you checked the condition of your pipes?  What year was this home built?  When was the last time you had your pipelines inspected by a professional?

It's safe to say that, unfortunately, most individuals don't think about these things whether they're a current homeowner, new homeowner or looking to purchase an existing home.

Whether it's an HOA, neighborhood, condominium or an individual home, pipes do deteriorate and corrode.  Pipelines can also get root intrusion or heavy material build up.  Its always a good idea to have your pipelines cleaned and televised to ensure they are in good condition.

Become An InnerCure® Installer


  • Less Disruptive

  • Typically Less Expensive Than Digging

  • Long-Lasting Repair Materials

  • Safe

  • No Need to Disrupt Your Landscaping

  • Keeps Harmful Odors From Leaking Into Your Home

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InnerCure® Technologies, Inc. Supplies Training, Material and Equipment for Pipe Lining

InnerCure® Technologies, Inc. has an excellent group of professionals that can help with multiple residential sewer pipe lining solutions.

From expert advice, multiple solutions and a network of trained installation partners, InnerCure® is your one-stop shop solutions provider.  All trenchless sewer repairs are safe, cost-efficient and more convenient as compared to the old-fashioned dig-and-replace method.

As a homeowner, you won't need to stress about future leaks, breaks, harmful vapors or aging pipe failures.

If you're interested in learning more about our trenchless residential sewer pipe lining, please call (844) 748-5200.

Get Expert Project Advice

Inside of Pipe Image for Residential Pipe Lining Project Advice Section

Please provide your information via this online form and an advisor will contact you regarding best options based on the specific needs of your project.  If you should need more urgent service please don't hesitate to call us at (844) 748-5200.

Become a Certified Installer

Residential Pipe Lining Company Certification Image

Please complete this online form to receive additional information on how to become an installer in your area.  We offer training, materials and equipment to our installation partners in order to ensure the highest degree of success.