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Could Your Industrial Facility Use Pipelining?

In today's need to produce and keep plants up and running, pipeline failure is not an option.  Pipelines play a critical role in almost any industrial facility.  It is important to know if and when a pipeline may need attention.

With today's advanced lining technology and improved application techniques, pipe lining may be your solution when problems arise.  It is important to know that the material supplier has the experience and knowledge to handle these critical locations.

Rusty Industrial Pipe In Need of Non-VOC Lateral Lining
Cut In Half Industrial Non-VOC Lateral Lining

What is a VOC?

VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compound.  The need for non-VOC resins in CIPP is vast.  When you have a need for a stronger, higher temperature and chemical resistance, this is a perfect application for a non-VOC resin system.  InnerCure® offers many options for these applications.

For those applications where special attention to the surrounding environment is critical, such as hospitals, assisted living facilities, industrial facilities, etc., considering a non-VOC product might best fit your application.

Please consult with your InnerCure® Technical Advisor to see if your application is a good candidate for non-VOC lining.

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Higher Chemical and Temperature Resistance

  • Less Downtime

  • Keeps Your Facility in Production

  • Strong Corrosion Protection

  • Safe for Workers

  • Liners Designed for Your Specific Application

  • More Economical Than Total Replacement

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InnerCure® Technologies, Inc. Can Save The Day!

At InnerCure® Technologies, Inc., we understand the need in having to specify a non-VOC resin system.  We have many to choose from.  We have a highly skilled team that can assist you in the proper selection of lining technology for your business and industrial application.  Please give one of our Technical Advisors a call and they will be happy to help.

Get Expert Project Advice

Industrial Sewer Needing Non-VOC Lateral Lining

Please provide your information via this online form and an advisor will contact you regarding best options based on the specific needs of your project.  If you should need more urgent service, please don't hesitate to call us at (844) 748-5200.

Become a Certified Installer

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Please complete this online form to receive additional information on how to become an installer in your area.  We offer training, materials and equipment to our installation partners in order to ensure the highest degree of success.